Thursday, November 27, 2008

Off to a flying stop...

After so much praying, thinking, and discussions over the past year, my husband and I finally came to the decision that God meant for us to have a third child.  We decided that a domestic infant adoption was the best choice for us. A good friend who I was talking with recently told me about a friend of hers who had the best experience with an adoption facilitator.  I stopped believing in coincidences a long time ago and view everything now as part of God's plan, even the small details in life. 

So once we came to the decision to adopt, it just seemed like God was guiding us to apply with this adoption facilitator.  We were so excited about starting this new journey for our family and relieved that we felt that God was sending us in the right direction.  We mailed the initial application last week.  

I received an email two days ago from them regretfully informing me that they prefer not to work with the state that we live in.  Not that they couldn't, but due to some restrictions in our state, they choose not to work with prospective adoptive parents from here.  
I read the email three times just to make sure I understood it and each time I read it, my heart felt a little heavier.  

We are planning to call them to just clarify exactly what restrictions they are talking about.  
Then we will decide how to proceed from there in choosing another facilitator or agency.  
As my husband said, we are off to a flying stop.  ugh

At first I moped and felt sad. Then I started second guessing everything.  
Then I took a minute and thought about how I am choosing to live my life.  God is in control and it is His plan. Not mine.  Instead of seeing this "flying stop" as a bad thing, I have chosen to see it as simply another guiding force from God to send us in the right direction for the plans He has for me and my family.  

This positive attitude and strong faith thing doesn't come easy, but it is such a powerful way to shape my thinking and hopefully help me be the person He wants me to be.  


olla said...

Sometimes God leads us through real challenges. Maybe it's because He wants us to become stronger than we are? God bless you all. We are always safe in His loving hands :)

Annie said...

I'm so sorry, but your attitude about it is wonderful! We went through the same thing; we live in NJ and facilitors won't work in this state.

I also understand the pain/joy or releasing your adoption journey to God.

JANE said...

You will find the perfect agency/person to work with in this adoption, God knows!
Write "Release" on paper and post it where you most likely might need the reminder, near the phone and the computer!!