Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A fever and pie, and some music too!

We've had a busy kind of day here today.  Princess woke up really early and very hyper.  Not a good thing.  Whenever she has been that hyper in the past, she has always gotten sick later that day.  It is a strange thing her body does.  I, unfortunately, just wasn't making the connection earlier in the day.  It wasn't until around lunch time that I noticed she had suddenly become very quiet and was just sitting.  Not the usual Princess we know and love.  She also didn't want to eat anything for lunch.  Sure enough she had a fever by that point.  So, we are just hoping and praying that it is a 24 hour thing and she will be better by the morning.  She is just so excited about going to her grandparent's house (my parents) for Thanksgiving dinner.  I want her to be able to enjoy it and feel good.  

This of course sets into motion the usual "on guard" stance my husband and I take waiting for Precious to then come down with whatever illness Princess picked up at school.  oh boy..... And Precious doesn't seem to just get over things as quickly as Princess.   With prayers said and fingers crossed, hopefully Precious will stay healthy and fine.  Last November, Precious ended up in the hospital with pneumonia after catching a cold that Princess gave her.  

I did manage to bake a pie today.  It wasn't easy since Precious decided to be clingy or I should say more clingy than usual.  It is a walnut, cranberry, and white chocolate pie for tomorrow. Yummy!   Last night while watching the Biggest Loser, I was able to make my cranberry chutney and tomorrow morning I will put together a green bean dish that my family enjoys.  I wish I could do more to help my mom with the dinner, but with two little ones it isn't easy.  

I figured out today how to post a playlist of music at the bottom of my blog.  It is all Christmas music.  I totally took the idea from Cassandra's blog.  Hope she doesn't mind!  I was going to wait until after Thanksgiving to do it, but couldn't help myself.  There is something about Christmas music that is cathartic for me.  I love it.  Even the more somber tunes make my heart a little lighter.  I did post the playlist in such a way that the reader has to turn it on to hear it just in case anyone prefers not to hear the music. I found out that I could even post it that way by reading Jen's blog.  So, thank you Jen for that bit of information.  This blogging thing is still very new for me and I am learning as I go.  

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