Saturday, November 22, 2008


MckMama is having a Small Fryday contest.  I love reading her blog and have been a daily reader for months now.  I found her blog through Bring the Rain and was hooked after my first reading. I have spent countless hours going back through her blog and reading past posts.  I like her writing style and her story telling abilities.  It is easy to feel her emotions through her words whether it leads me to tears or rolling laughter! Her MSC * (many small children) are beyond adorable and provide her with many posting subjects!  MckMama's faith and trust in God and His plans for each of us has deeply affected me.  I have done much reflective thinking and praying about my own faith, which I used to consider to be strong.  I have a renewed faith and hope in God's plans for me and have been inspired by MckMama's faith and the miracle of Stellan (a.k.a. mckmuffin) as a result of reading her blog.  My faith in God and my daily effort to trust in Him has undoubtedly been strengthened. 
I would suggest to anyone to take some time (for me it is usually during nap time for my two little ones or after bedtime) and read through MckMama's blog.  You will cry, laugh, smile, and most of all, think about so many things....which will hopefully lead to a better you! 

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