Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some random thoughts tonight....

It's been quite the weekend around here.  Not our best, to say the least, but not our worst either so that is a positive. 
We went shopping yesterday looking for a nativity set for the girls to play with and learn from. I personally think it is a good idea for them to have one that is okay for them to touch and play with, and hopefully "act out" the story of Jesus' birth.  I already own at least four or five that are not to be played with and I know they are going to want to touch them. Unfortunately, I had to order the one I wanted online because I couldn't find it in any of the local stores.  I swear sometimes online ordering is so much easier anyway.  I spent some time looking through ads for the big black friday sales, but I most likely won't enter a store on that day.  I didn't go last year either and actually found a couple of incredible deals online.  I'll probably do the same this year. Besides, I have to be home that day to start what I have designated the beginning of the "decorating extravaganza".  I get my husband to drag all of the boxes out of our basement and bring them upstairs on Thanksgiving night before going to bed. Then I start decorating for Christmas the next day!  
I love Christmas!!! It is my most favorite holiday.  It is filled with so many family traditions and memories for me.  With the girls getting a little older, I am excited to figure out which traditions I can start including them in and which will have to wait until they are older.  I'm sure I will be posting a lot about Christmas and all of our activities in the next few weeks.  
Unfortunately, most of the holidays we have had since adopting Princess have not been the easiest.  Partly because of her sensory challenges (sensory overload can be difficult to control and avoid for her with holidays, but we do our best), partly because of her attachment issues (I can look back now that I have learned so much about attachment challenges in the past few months and see how these challenges have affected holidays), and lastly partly because of tension with some relatives (my husband's -not mine).  However, I am bound and determined to work hard to make this Thanksgiving and Christmas different-better!  
We have already streamlined our Thanksgiving.  We are just going to my parents house and there will not be the usual crowd there due to some people going other places. So that should help with cutting down on some of the overload.  We won't be "hopping" around to other houses.  Yay! It is a relatively short ride, so that is good.  We are going to do our best to keep to our usual napping schedule, and that always helps.  
This morning was quite a treat for me.  I went with a friend to the movies.  I have not been to the movie theater in almost three years.  First because my life has not allowed it and secondly, I find it absurd to pay the prices they charge.  When my friend asked me, I hesitated on saying yes for a couple of reasons.  She wanted to see Twilight and I have not yet read the book.  I usually don't watch a movie based on a book unless I have read the book first.  Books are always better, in my opinion.  Even if it is a really good movie, I always seem to like the book more.  Just me.  Another reason I hesitated was because of guilt.  It sounds a little silly since I am a stay at home mom and spend a ginormous amount of time with my girls, but I still feel guilty when on the rare occasion, I go out.  My husband assured me he could handle it (I knew he could) and my friend really needed a friend today, so I went.  
I first learned about Twilight from Jen's blog Tale of Two Coins and I am planning to read the book.  I had actually tried to borrow it from my sister last week, but she had lent it out to someone else.  I will probably end up buying it myself.  I love books and although at first I wasn't really interested in reading Twilight, I was sold with people's reviews about how great of a book it is to read.  At first, it just didn't sound like a book I would like. Well, let me say that I loved the movie!  And if my theory of the book always being better is true, I know I am going to just love the book.  The whole vampire thing is so not my thing, but the underlying love story was great!!!  
One last thing... I was reading Angie's blog tonight and thought I would pass along the Soles 4 Souls project of collecting 50,000 pairs of shoes for those in need.  A donation of $5 buys two pairs of shoes.  Especially with the holiday season on us, $5 seems like a really easy donation to make that would allow two people to get much needed shoes.  After all, so many people easily spend that much every day buying a fancy coffee.  Please consider donating.  It will do someone's feet good and your heart good! 

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