Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday

I've been reading and enjoying all of the Not Me Monday posts since MckMama started it a couple of months ago.  It is fun to read other's Not Me posts.  If you have some time, go to MckMama's blog and read her Not Me's and others!
This is my first time posting one.

During this past week, I most definitely did Not let a clean load of laundry sit in the dryer for a day and then sit in the basket for more than two days before I finally folded it.  How lazy could I be? 

I did Not "avoid the complete truth" when telling my three year old that Mommy had bought her one munchkin doughnut for a special snack rather than admitting that there were actually three in the bag and I really felt that I needed those other two munchkins more than she did. 

I did Not finally relent and bake some brownies knowing full well that I would be the one eating most of them.   And this would Not have been on the same day I secretly ate five little snack size candy bars  I found left over from Halloween.  hmmm Can anyone say major chocolate craving time? 

I did Not secretly start listening to Christmas music over a week ago because I just love it so much and couldn't wait until after Thanksgiving.  (For the record, so far I have controlled the urge to actually start decorating until the day after Thanksgiving.)

I did Not use way more time than I should have writing for my new blog and "trying on" different free backgrounds for it.  (I'm finding that little activity becoming a fun habit.  Not as fun as trying on shoes or purses when shopping, but pretty close since it is free and all.)

And most importantly, my husband and I did Not complete and mail our application to start the process of adopting again!!!  I swear there are times I think I must be crazy to have a third child (like when there is toddler chaos all around me), but we have been talking about it for a year now.  I spent a whole year praying about it and came to the strong decision that this is indeed what God wants us to do.  So.... I say bring on more chaos and fun!!! (I'll be writing much more about this new journey for us in the future.) 

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Susan @ fivemangoes said...

Funny! Thanks for sharing your "not me's"! :)