Monday, December 1, 2008

A sad good-bye

For those of you who are animal lovers, I'm sure you can relate to and understand my sadness today.  My 11 year old golden retriever recently was diagnosed with a form of cancer that could not be treated. He was just the best dog. He was loyal, active, gentle, great with children, and a great companion. He was with me through some low times and some high times.  I got him when he was about 12 weeks old.  He reached a point in his illness yesterday which was the sign we were waiting for, and I was insistent from the moment of his diagnosis and prognosis that he not be allowed to suffer at all.  So today my dad brought him to the vet for me and said good-bye while he had a peaceful ending.  I offered to bring him trying to be courageous, but was secretly grateful for my dad being the stronger one to be the one to have to bring him for that last vet visit.  

I know he had a great life.  He was treated very well and had a lot of fun.  I swear at times he would smile at me.  :)   

Good-bye, Teddy.  Thanks for a great 11 and a 1/2 years.  


JANE said...

Oh girl I so understand. Right now we have 4 dogs, including the basset hound my husband gave me for Christmas last yr but is now being claimed by the girl.I've had pets my whole life and this is always the hardest part. I still can cry over the ones that are gone, no matter how many years it's been. So I'm feeling it with ya.

Debbie B said...

So sorry to hear about your sweet puppy. It's never easy to lose a beloved pet. I'm glad it was peaceful.

JANE said...

Just checking in on Ya! Everything OK??

Hi, I'm Amber. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. My little dog died about 2 months ago and I thought I'd never stop crying. :( I pray that God will lift your spirits in time for Christmas!