Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday

Here is another of my Not Me Monday posts inspired by MckMama's blog.  
After reading mine, be sure to go to her page to read her's and check the other links out as well! 

This past week, I did Not read the first and second book of the Twilight series.  I am Not completely obsessed now with the series and did Not already start reading the third book.  I absolutely do Not feel like I'm sixteen again!  haha

I did Not overly rely on my husband being home for the long weekend to spend so much time with the girls so that I could read.  

I did Not do a little happy dance when I realized that there was still some pumpkin pie left from Thanksgiving. 

I do Not still have boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations all over my dining room waiting for me to put things out.  At least it is only the first of December and I still have time. 

So what did you Not do this past week? 

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Mommy of 4 said...

I found your blog through Mc mama's site and love it. I love your not me's... I was reading your profile and also learned to deal with colic, hard breastfeeding, PDD, and snsory issues... email me sometime so we can chat..... or check out my blog...
my email address is: